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Asbestos management with Antilope

The inventory and management of asbestos components and waste are now essential on many real estate or equipment parks. These functionalities are therefore integrated into Antilope with the objective of serving as many stakeholders as possible (diagnosticians, owners, managers, contractors, occupants, etc.).

You are a diagnostician and your customer does not have Antilope – Use our application to list the components and equipment diagnosed, summarize the results, build and archive your reports, generate data exchange files and have a history of your interventions.

You manage buildings, houses, businesses, etc. – With Antilope, you can:

  • quickly consult the “asbestos situation” of the constituents of your assets in order to adapt your procedures, your orders, the deadlines and the costs of interventions;
  • archive regulatory documents (reports, analyses, storage slips);
  • transmit regulatory documents with acknowledgment of receipt to contractors;
  • ask contractors to upload documents and possibly perform a validation check;
  • import results of diagnostics;
  • allow a diagnostician to access your assets to update the data of his mission;
  • budget, plan and monitor interventions related to the presence of asbestos (periodic condition checks, removal) – See Antilope – Regulatory monitoring