Contrôle d'une installation électrique.

Antilope KMIS

Antilope-KMIS is a variation (1) of the Antilope application which helps assessing the quality of equipments and their maintenance from configurable checkpoints. Based on the KMIS (2) (Key Maintenance Indicators System) method, it is an assets audit tool that combines the rigor of the technical control framework, the other features of Antilope and, above all, its flexibility of configuration.

Synthèse KMIS filtrée sur les équipements de sécurité.

Regarding your equipments, buildings, sites or anything related to your property assets, with the rating system of Antilope-KMIS, you will be able to :

  • assess their quality, gauge and simulate their aging;
  • highlight critical sets (unreliability, pronounced or repeated decline);
  • assess the quality of maintenance services (maintenance contracts, internal or outsourced services);
  • more accurately plan maintenance and replacement work;
  • adapt the services under contract.

(1) Developments and improvements actually benefit both applications.

(2) KMIS is a tool to objectively determine the quality of building maintenance. It was developed by the company AME (Audit Maintenance Energie) which became SOPHIA Audit in 2008.