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Antilope is a software that will help you manage your property assets. It is highly customizable and reachable from a web browser. 

  • Manage the run-down state of your buildings.
  • Plan renovation and maintenance work.
  • Manage your regulatory documents related to your buildings.
  • Generate customized graphics and indicators.

Components & Work

Management of buildings, components (equipment), obsolescence and work.

Asbestos management

Management and regulatory monitoring of asbestos components and diagnostics (asbestos register).

Regulatory monitoring

Monitoring of your regulatory obligations.

Indicators & reporting

Generation of configurable and customizable indicators and reports.

No limit

Bilingual and suitable for the visually impaired


Antilope, a highly customizable application.

Energy management

An “energy” section in your technical property estates management.


KMIS, an equipments audit app.

Digital model

Antilope and digital models (BIM).