TP Informatique

TP Informatique, created in october 1999 by Thierry PICARD, is a software  publishing company.

It’s a french company located in the suburbs of Lyon.

At the begining, it was in charge of the development and maintenance of the software “Gestion Technique de Patrimoine Antilope” (technical management of property assets) on behalf of Socotec, a building inspection office.

in 2007, TPI bought back Antilope to open it to other customers and has been offering custom programming since.

The other services offered by TPI

Development of specific functionalities related to its softwares.

Data importing into the databases of its applications.

Training in the use of its software.

Hosting of its software and client data.

Applications setting assistance.

Statements and diagnoses of estate with an associated service provider.

Softwares made by TPI

Antilope 5

Technical property assets management app


Equipements Technical Management app (Antilope app extend).


Administrative and financial management app for real estate programs.


Secure web portal for document sharing (Antilope app extend).

The story of TPI

The history of TP Informatique is intimately linked with the one of Antilope.
  • 1992, the birth of Antilope. The business part was designed by a team of engineers from Socotec and under Pierre DAUMIN’s lead. Thierry PICARD, a young computer science engineer from Socotec, have been developing the technical part since.  This version 1 was coded for DOS. ANTILOPE stands for “Entretien Informatisé des Logements et des Opérations” and was the name of the application designed by “SOciété de COntrôle TEChnique”, a company specialized in the construction industry. It was developed to succeed to “BATENT” during the nineties. 
  • 1997, The first Windows version is out.
  • Octobre 1999, TP Informatique have been created to develop the technical part of ANTILOPE, in partnership with SOCOTEC.
  • 2004, The version 3 of Antilope was a client / server application.
  • 2008, SOCOTEC sold Antilpope to TP Informatique but it was still an important business application for Socotec.
  • 2010, Publishing of the version 4 of Antilope, in a full web interface. 
  • 2019, The version 5 has been published. It is a mondernized  and redisgned full-web application.
Meeting in 2022 of the Antilope app creators : Jean-Philippe BEGAT, Pierre DAUMIN, Jean-Marc LECOCQ, Thierry PICARD et Joël JACQUET.